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Tom West, Jim Bennett, Herb Griffin

Tom West, Jim Bennett, Herb Griffin

Past Presidents

  • J. Morgan Smith
    Margaret D. Sizemore
    Elmer C. Thuston, Jr.
    Chriss Doss
    Betsy Bancroft
    Tillman W. Pugh
    William A. Price
    Thomas M. West, Jr.
    Madge D. Jackson
    Thad G. Long
    Don G. Watkins
    Fred M. Jackson III
    Tom Oliver Caldwell, MD
    Charles A. Speir
    Craig Allen, Jr.
    Edward W. Stevenson, MD
    Jim Bennett
    Alice McSpadden Williams
    Thomas N. Carruthers


  • Rucker Agee
    Lane Carter
    Elizabeth Cooper
    Chriss Doss
    Paul H. Earle
    Robert Montgomery
    Margaret Sizemore
    George Stewart
    J. Morgan Smith
    Richard J. Stockham
    James F. Sulzby, Jr.
    S. Vincent Townsend
    Henry Tuttle


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Harry Bradford

Harry Bradford

Tom Carruthers

James H. Hard

Tom Carruthers

Vice President

Alice M. Williams

Dan Puckett

Our Officers

  • President
  • Dan Puckett
  • Vice President
  • TBD
  • Secretary
  • James H. Hard
  • Treasurer
  • Harry Bradford
Board meeting of the Jefferson County Historical Association

Board meeting of the Jefferson County Historical Association.

Board meeting of the Jefferson County Historical Association

Board of Directors

  • Cathy Criss Adams
    Leah Rawls Atkins
    Thomas E. Badham
    Jeanne B. Bradford
    David Bright
    Thomas N. Carruthers, Jr.
    Walter Dean
    George L. Jenkins
    Judy S. Haise
    Catherine Pittman Smith
    Randall Pitts, Jr.
    Mary Ellen West
    Alice McSpadden Williams


  • Edward W. Stevenson, MD

    Alice Williams receiving the Mountain Brook Tynes Award at the annual Mountain Brook chamber of commerce luncheon. The Tynes Award is presented by the Emmet O'Neal Library to someone who has become a major community partner in working with them. Alice played a major part in the library's late 1990s building project when she was on the City Council and was a council representative on the committee to build the new library, as well as liaison to the library during her time on the council.
    For more information on the Tynes Award Click Here.



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Upcoming Member Meetings:
Emmet O’Neal Library, Conference Room;

• Thursday, July 11, 2019: 6:00 p.m. Reception, 7:00 p.m. Program