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A shot of the rail line by American’s 16th Street gate, around 1946.

A shot of the rail line by American’s 16th Street gate, around 1946.

April 20th

James Lowery Speaker Biography
Topic: Historic Birmingham Mineral Railroad – Past and Present

Short Description of Presentation: His presentation will describe the Birmingham Mineral Railroad (BMRR), showing maps and photographs from its steam engine era, describing where it ran in the Birmingham area, showing how the former roadbed can still be seen, and showing the BMRR Signs documenting where the BMRR was located.

Thus far, 117 signs have been installed in 5 counties in central Alabama, and permission has been granted for installation of signs in the 6th county that was served by the BMRR.

For more information about the BMRR and the signs project, visit the project website at

Birmingham’s first railroad station (Alabama Dept of Archives and History)

Birmingham’s first railroad station (Alabama Dept of Archives and History)


Dues Notice for 2017

Please note that if you have not renewed your membership, dues are due in January of 2016.
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History of the JCHA

The Jefferson County Historical Association is dedicated to preserving and publicizing local history through regular meetings, publications and events. Founded in 1975 to promote historical preservation efforts, the society has grown to more than 400 members.


Alice McSpadden Williams

Thomas N. Carruthers

Jason Bains

Harry F. Bradford

Rucker Agee
Lane Carter
Elizabeth Cooper
Chriss Doss
Paul H. Earle
Robert Montgomery
Margaret Sizemore
George Stewart
J. Morgan Smith
Richard J. Stockham
James F. Sulzby, Jr.
S. Vincent Townsend
Henry Tuttle


Cathy Criss Adams
Craig Allen, Jr.
Thomas E. Badham
Jeanne B. Bradford
David Bright
Walter Dean
Judy S. Haise
George Jenkins
Dan Puckett
Catherine Pittman Smith
Mary Ellen West


Herb F. Griffin
Edward W. Stevenson, MD

Past Presidents:
J. Morgan Smith
Margaret D. Sizemore
Elmer C. Thuston, Jr.
Chriss Doss
Betsy Bancroft
Tillman W. Pugh
William A. Price
Thomas M. West, Jr.
Madge D. Jackson
Thad G. Long
Don G. Watkins
Fred M. Jackson III
Thomas O. Caldwell, MD
Charles A. Speir
Craig Allen, Jr.
Edward W. Stevenson, MD
Jim Bennett
Alice McSpadden Williams
Thomas N. Carruthers




Jefferson County Historical Association Books

historic birmingham & jefferson county

Historic Birmingham
and Jefferson County
By James R. Bennett
$30 (member discount)

The History of Jefferson County Before 1850

The History of Jefferson County Before 1850
By Will F. Franke, edited by
Thomas M. West, Jr.

Pizitz Genesis of a Retail Giant

Pizitz Genesis of a Retail Giant
By James R. Bennett


About JCHA Publications

The Jefferson County Historical Association offers several books that offer a fresh insight into the rich history of Birmingham and Jefferson County Alabama. They tell the fascinating story of the people and industries that made Jefferson County and Alabama the industrial center of the South.

From first-hand accounts to thoroughly researched narratives, The JCHA publishes books that bring forth rich episodes of Jefferson Counties history in a readable style that engages both scholarly and general audiences.

Ordering JCHA Books

These JCHA books can be purchased at meetings of the Jefferson County Historical Association or ordered by mail.

Click the link below to print or save a book order form. PDF format.

Book Order Form

You may also order by sending your check or money order to the following address along with $5.00 for shipping and taxes (please add $2.00 for each additional book):

The Jefferson County Historical Association
PO Box 130285
Birmingham, AL 35213-0285

Please indicate book title and quantity when ordering.


Other Source Publications Co-Sponsored by the JCHA:

  • Tannehill and the Growth of the Alabama Iron Industry — James R. Bennett, Alabama Historic Ironworks Commission, 1999, available at www.tannehill.org, $45.
  • The Valley and the Hills, an Illustrated History of Birmingham and Jefferson County — Leah Rawls Atkins, Windsor Publications, 1981, available at the Birmingham Public Library Southern History Department, http://www.birminghamarchives.org/ArchivesStore.htm, $30



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