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Originally founded in 1942, Jefferson County Historical Association aims to preserve and publicize our county’s rich history and tell our story through newsletters, publications and more. 

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  • Terminal Station

    The 1969 demolition of the Terminal Station became a rallying for historical preservation in Birmingham.

  • Downtown Buildings

    Founded in 1871, Birmingham was said to have “sprung up like magic.”

  • Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth

    “We were not satisfied with the few scattering cracks in the segregation wall and decided to effect a major confrontation with evil.”

  • City Federal Building

    The City Federal Building, built in 1913, stands at 27 stories tall and became the largest skyscraper in the southeast at the time.

  • Avondale Mills

    “I’ve been to school my eight weeks. Work now. Been workin’ a year.”

  • Sloss Furnaces

    “Sloss Furnaces also played a creative role. Their acrid fumes imparted the breath of economic life…” – W. David Lewis

  • Birmingham Industrial League

    The strongest league in the state, Birmingham’s Industrial league made way for baseball greats such as Lorenzo “Piper” Davis.

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