Historical Markers

Historical Markers

A Piece of Our County’s History

Next time you’re strolling around town, look out for one of the 30 historical markers in Jefferson County.

Each of these locations represent a piece of our county’s history. 

Independent Presbyterian Church

The Little Theatre Historical Marker
The Little Theatre

The Alabama Theater Historical Marker
The Alabama Theatre

Shades Valley High School Historical Marker
Shades Valley High School (original site)

Mountain Brook Historical Marker
Mountain Brook

Homewood Historical Marker

Rosedale Historical Land Marker

Hollywood Historical Marker

Edgewood Historical Marker

Briarwood Presbyterian Church Historical Marker
Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Early Mountain Brook Village Historical Marker
Will Franke/Early Mountain Brook Village

St. Vincents Hospital Historical Marker
St. Vincent’s Hospital

Oldest House in Shades Valley Historical Marker
Oldest House in Shades Valley/Irondale Furnace Commissary

Union Hill Cemetery Historical Marker
Union Hill Cemetery/Union Hill Methodist Episcopal Church/Union Hill School

Lane Park

Birmingham Water Works
Birmingham Water Works Company/Cahaba Pumping Station

Irondale Furnace Historical Marker
Irondale Furnace/Wallace S. McElwain

The Old Mill Historical Land Marker
The Old Mill/Robert Jemison, Jr.

Brock's Gap Historical Marker
Brock’s Gap/The South & North Railroad Cut/Gateway to Birmingham 

Canterbury United Methodist Church

Edgewood Lake Historical Marker
Edgewood Lake

America's First Office Park Historical Marker
America’s First Office Park

Bethlehem United Methodist Church Cemetery Historical Marker
Bethlehem United Methodist Church Cemetery

Cahaba Pumping Station Historical Marker
Cahaba Pumping Station

Cecil & Linda Whitmire

Robert Jemison, JR.

The Tutwiler Hotel Historical Marker
The Tutwiler Hotel

The Tutwiler-Ridgely Rebirth Historical Marker
The Tutwiler-Ridgely Rebirth

Wallace S. McElwain Historical Marker
Wallace S. McElwain

Will Franke Historical Marker
Will Franke

How to Design Your Historical Marker

Website: www.sewahstudios.com
Here you can design your marker. There are many different types of markers and various colors, etc. There is a great history of the 90-year-old company and many testimonials.

Design Your Marker


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