JCHA “Virtual” January Meeting

It's time for the JCHA "Virtual" January Meeting featuring Former Mountain Brook Mayor Terry Oden:
"Saving the Frisco No. 4018 Locomotive" | Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 7pm on Zoom

Historical Markers

Historical Markers

A Piece of Our County’s History

Next time you’re strolling around town, look out for one of the 21 historical markers in Jefferson County.

Each of these locations represent a piece of our county’s history. 

Independent Presbyterian Church

The Little Theatre

The Alabama Theatre

Shades Valley High School (original site)

Mountain Brook





Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Will Franke/Early Mountain Brook Village

St. Vincent’s Hospital

Oldest House in Shades Valley/Irondale Furnace Commissary

Union Hill Cemetery/Union Hill Methodist Episcopal Church/Union Hill School

Lane Park

Birmingham Water Works Company/Cahaba Pumping Station

Irondale Furnace/Wallace S. McElwain

The Old Mill/Robert Jemison, Jr.

Brock’s Gap/The South & North Railroad Cut/Gateway to Birmingham 

Canterbury United Methodist Church

Edgewood Lake

How to Design Your Historical Marker

Website: www.sewahstudios.com
Here you can design your marker. There are many different types of markers and various colors, etc. There is a great history of the 90-year-old company and many testimonials.

Design Your Marker


  • Color charts
  • Etched plates
  • Lettering guides
  • Metal photos
  • Mounting options
  • QR codes
  • Refurbishment
  • Seals


  • Delivery inspection
  • Order form
  • Post-order form
  • One-post marker installation
  • Two-post marker installation
  • Shipping requirements

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